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  • TOP 20 Images Shows Sleeping Cats Are Weirdos!

    Buzzers, Cats are another “unexplained” living thing in the world after women! They seems to live by their own rule, but do their mystery and weirdness stop when they fell asleep? Of course Not! Cats are weirdos and they proud of it even when they are sleeping! Here is the top 20 images that will make us chuckle! 1. When your cat was a Monk […] More

  • You Are Not in The Craziest Relationship If You Haven't Experienced This!!

    Hi Buzzers, do you think your relationship is weird? Well, relationship should not be perfect indeed! We have curated the 15 images showing how crazy relationship could be!! Check it below!! #1. What your boyfriend do when you are away… #2. When he gives you flowers with #romantic notes #3. He’s a thoughtful guy if he go abroad and pick a souvenir for you…but below […] More

  • These TOP 15 Make Up Fail Will Force Your Boyfriend To Leave You!

    Buzzers, have you ever in awe or maybe….awe…sh*t in looking how someone do their make up? Well, I know it kind of hard and need to practice a lot but don’t ever stop learning! You don’t need to put a lot of make up to be beautiful! In fact simplicity is the best! Women, You look more beautiful in “make up no make up look” […] More

  • Could You Pass Our Dirty Mind Test??

    Buzzers, Our mind is a gift to perceive something which in the result give us conclusion whether it dangerous or safe for us. In short, Our mind is an amazing survival mechanism. We will know when to fight or flight, when to eat, drink, and how to use tools and create innovations that will make fast development in technology and our life. But, now many […] More

  • How To Make Simple yet Creative Healthy Snacks To Help Your Kids' Appetite!!

    Buzzers, kids are picky eaters and meals time sometimes can be a disaster for moms out there!! Well, take a deep breath,  put some creativity into your cooking, and watch the magic happens! Here we have curated some simple, tasty, yet healthy snacks with cute shapes that you can try at home Buzzers!! 1. AvoCatoes made by using sliced avocado, filled with creme fraiche with […] More

  • TOP 10 Shocking Types of People You'll Find At The Gym!!

    Buzzers, have you train your muscles today? If you go to the gym later, look closer…you might find this Top 10 shocking types of people! They are just amazingly catch everyone’s attention. If you met only few of them, well then this is the complete list! Caution: Maybe you don’t realize that you are also one of them! 1. The Aged Superman 2. The Popeye […] More

  • TOP 10 Doodles Comic That We All Can Relate !!

    Buzzers, today’s comic we featured doodles comic from an Instagram artist @shreyadoodles. Simple drawings with some witty yet fresh stories is a key point for her comic! We can even relate to her comic daily life stories…check it below! 1. I wish I can do my work as if I watch Netflix… 2. Starbucks’ staff did this A LOT!! 3. Have you ever feel like […] More

  • TOP 20 Quirky Weird Couples Images Shows Love is For Everyone!

    Buzzers when we are in love we accept our girlfriend or boyfriend completely. We become one and unite in what everybody said “a relationship”. Some people will have an amazing and flawless relationship until at some point they know each other better then start showing the quirkiness and weirdest part of themselves. Some people can’t put up with this but some can, that’s what makes […] More

  • TOP 15 Grotesque Mailboxes in The Whole World !!

    Hi Buzzers, Do you realize that your home will tell a lot about you? And that’s not limited to the appearance of your mailboxes!! In this list below, you will find a grotesque yet creative mailboxes in the whole world!! The owner must be someone who is witty and anti-mainstream…could be also a serial killer…who knows?!  1. The mailman seems to be always late… 2. […] More

  • These People Show TOP 10 Life Hacks To Tackle #ForeverAlone

    Hi Buzzers, are you the ones who hard to find a date? Well, even though many apps in 2018 designed for us to get socializing or dating but all that seems doesn’t work at all. Why is that so? Hmm maybe right now people just enjoyed being alone or they have found some ways to tackle loneliness. As a result, they don’t need to get […] More

  • TOP 20 Funniest Absurd Signs You Will Find in London!

    Buzzers, We always get excited to explore a new city and get a new experience. But, what if we find something absurd yet amusing at the same time? Surely it will make us giggles! Just like when these travelers found an absurd yet hilarious sign in London! Here is the Top 20 you need to check out!! 1. Just STAHP!! 2. Who can relate? 3. […] More

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