10 Astonishing Facts You Will Find in Belgium

1. Belgium have the largest sand sculpture festivals.!1e10!2sAF1QipMOrYjWZJ0YzuALsQr8VqfZMqJr3qxvNEAussNQ&viewerState=ga

2. The character inspiration of Peter Pan, George Llewelyn Davies was buried in Belgium.

3. Pralines chocolates were invented by Jean Neuhaus in Brussels in 1912.

4. The first skyscraper in Europe is De Boerentoren (Farmer’s Tower). It located in Antwerp and built in 1912.

5. Europe’s oldest shopping arcades is The galeries St. Hubert that first opened in 1847.!1e10!2sAF1QipObDiO0Mr-VBL2rLgJDk6L-9xSAnLMKAb09_xjA&viewerState=lb

6. The tricolor flag with vertical strips black, yellow, and red was adopted in 1931.

7. Spa is the name of the town in Belgium which also origin of the word “spa” as a wellness center.

8. Belgium has most castles per square metres in the world!

9. The blue forest or the Hallerbos is located in Belgium. The forest will be covered with bluebells between late April and May.

10. The only museum dedicated to bookbinding and book arts is bibliotheca wittockiana.  It is the only bookbinding and bookarts museum in the world.!1e10!2sAF1QipOFyd225PwfY7kRJ_SSzdWSNcSC6WlZQkAw2PSK&viewerState=lb

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