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10 Cats on Social Media who are Real Definition of Clinomania

When you sleep too much probably you get Clinomania. Well, We do “clinomania” as a result of our anxiety disorders, these cats do it because they Love it !! Here are their tips for finding a perfect time to sleep in case you have a trouble sleeping or if you want to try sleeping in style…

1.When you decided that sleeping is better than do the laundry

Credit: Instagram @manolo_and_gatsby

2.When you tried to break into the house but you found their window so comfy

Credit: Instagram @untari_soeyamto

3.When you forgot your magic tricks

Credit: Instagram @fff6d5

4.When you don’t want anyone to disturb your sleep so you fake your own death

Credit: Instagram @locke_ness

5.When you try to catch your “lost hope and dreams” in your sleep

Credit: Instagram @lailaraden03

6. When you dream that Jack is painting you in Titanic

Credit: Instagram @charlie_meowwws

7.When your girlfriend comes over and pushes you to watch romantic movies all night

Credit: Instagram @loulousamuel

8.When you have given up on life

Credit: Instagram @iam_twinklechuan

9.When you don’t know if you drink too much or you just broke your neck

Credit: Instagram @miezebillie_common_cats

10.When you’re Single and Happy

Credit: Instagram @albus_purrrcival

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