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10 Dazzle Facts about France that Traveler Need to Know!

1. France has banned free refill in the fast food restaurants since 2015 in order to combat obesity.

2. Pussy is a name of a small town in the Savoie region.

3. The shortest town name is Y in Somme, Northern France, it also the shortest in the world.,_Somme

4. After 213 years more precisely is in 2013 French women are allowed to wear trousers in Paris.

5. The first army who used camouflage in world war I is France army.

6. The Jews had false ID as moslems that was given by the mosque of Paris in order to help them escaping the Nazis during world war II.

7. The French cut the lift cable of Eiffel tower in order to make Hitler climb the steps to reach on top.

8. The French loves polite people so if you don’t say bonjour/hello or please when you order a coffee, your coffee will be more expensive.

9. The tin cans, braille, stethoscope, hair dryer, hot air balloon are several inventions made by French.

10. In the 1910, the Louvre was built. It had a function as a defend against Viking.!1e10!2sAF1QipMVrqS3Iw7M1sG0ZbmlCWas9bMNT-XglmCECt3P&viewerState=lb

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