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10 Do's and Don't You Should Know to Elevate Your Thailand Vacation!

Hi Buzzers!! Summer is here so do you plan a trip to the beautiful tranquil country with its amazing beaches? Yes!! It’s Thailand! Here is some travel tips on what you should do and not do in Thailand!

What You Should Not Do

Many traveler sometimes hard to adapt to the culture and it will increase a misunderstanding or make you feel ” Gosh! My holiday is ruined!!” Well, as a traveler we are the one who should understand our destination country more, so here is some tips that will bridge the misunderstanding between you and the local…

1. Don’t stop a taxi or people by pointing all your fingers up! Thai people consider it rude so it’s better to lower your hands and put all your finger facing down.

2. Don’t lose your temper. Thai people can’t say “No” especially to their customers. It’s part of manners so when you ask the waitress “do you have a black pepper sauce” and they tell you “Yes, but a soy sauce”. It doesn’t mean that they’re incompetent. They just be nice so as a traveler we should understand that actually they don’t have it.

3. Even though it’s hot don’t take off your shirt or dress like a rascal especially in a place like temples, palace, and other sacred places. Again it’s part of manners except if you are in the beach or hotel that allow you to do that.

4. Don’t eat with your Fork! It considered rude! The best is you should put the food in your fork on your spoon then eat it from your spoon.

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