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10 Drawings As A Guide To Understand Cats!

Hi Buzzers, Are you planning to have a Cat? Well, if you want to add this alien fury baby in the family…here is some guide which will make you understand a life with those Aliens!!

1. When your cat happens to be near the window, It means they guard you against something.

2. The way your cats sleep can tell a lot about their personality!

3. Mother Cats will tell her kittens to be a rebel…if you see this scene below, it’s time to discipline them.

4. Cats have less gratitude…so probably just give them Tuna is better.

5. If you see these signs, It means your cats getting old…time to put him in a cats mansion with Tuna and salmon as his supper. Let him enjoy his old days..

6. If you have a white Cat probably its better if you have a White Coat too…

7. Respond immediately to what he wants if you want him to Love you back!

8. Don’t turn on NatGeo Wild on your Tv, or your cat will frozen there quite long time!

9. You should match their supper with their social status…sardines are only for peasant Cats while Salmon is more acceptable for the Royals!

10. Torturing their servants with loud miaaoww that can stay for hours is actually their favorite game! Don’t take the bait!

So Buzzers, Do you still want to have a cat?

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