10 Drawings Depicting Summer Heatwave for Dogs!!

Hi Buzzers! How’s your heatwave doing? Did you have fun with your dogs? Well, dogs also have their own agenda on heatwave in summer! Here is 10 drawings on how dogs enjoy the hottest days of the month.

1. When the sunlight comes, your dog prefer to enjoy the Sun exclusively!

2. The breeze in Summer is such a satisfaction..

3. Heatwave for dogs means be as lazy as you normally are..

4. A good boy means to have a mercy even when summer bugs bother you

5. Heatwave also means time to go full “naked” and get the tan you dream of the whole time..

6. Summer nights is time to mingle!

7. If you have sausage dogs, they will have frequent nightmares after summer barbeque parties. Probably it’s better not to take them to party that often!

8. They have a huge to-do list, you may help them by not distracting them with the bones you just bought!

9. Don’t let your dog let out his head too long of the car window or their face will become flappy. They may ask you to do botox!

10. Your dogs love to be hot and cold! So if you see them behave like this’s time to turn on the AC!

So, How your dog behave in this summer heatwave Buzzers?

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