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10 Excitement Before The Match England VS Croatia

Hi Buzzers!! So excited for today’s game, who do you think will win? Well England already all out in the first 13 minutes. Score is 0-1, but the winner still hasn’t decided yet! Enjoy the game with some trivia from us!!

1. Girls Which is more exciting England’s win or Channing Tatum get naked?

2. Hope there is no war after this Lol

3. Chanting the greatest hits to bring England some Luck!

4. England is truly got a full support it getting scarier for Croatia?

5. Yoga before the Match sounds like a great idea..

6. Some fans trying to test some luck by the turtle’s prophecy.

7. When England’s being polite..”A Cup of tea anyone?”

8. Warm up in a strange fun way…the England!!

9. Seems Hary Kane decided take a Nap to reach tranquility is better than Yoga.

10. What semi finals?? When it rains it’s time to have fun! Good luck England!!

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