10 Facts About War and The First War in History

Hi Buzzer! War is a tragedy made by human. War is acceptable in some ways such as to eliminate a tyrant and greater suffering. Even though sometimes we wish war will not happened but it presence is inevitable. Well, here is some facts about war and the first war in history.

1. War comes from old German Language “Werren”. It has a meaning “to confuse” or “to cause confusion”.

2. War is a tool to resolve political or territorial disputes.

3. The first war recorded in history is between Sumer and Elam in 2700 BCE.

4. Sumer is the earliest civilization in Southern Mesopotamia, now called Southern Iraq. The people was called Sumerians.

5. Elam is civilization that is located in far west and southwest which now Iran Kuzekhstan and small part of Iraq. The people was called Elamites.

6. The Sumerian King, Enembaragasi King of Kish conquered Elam.

7. Evidence from the Sumer’s history from Ur III (2047-1750 BCE). Sumerians look at Elam probably as alien because there was a great wall built by King Shulgi of Ur to keep Elamites away from Sumerians. Hmmm Nowadays there is still somebody who want to build a great wall too *cough*

8. A simple bow is a weapon in war used in Mesopotamia as early as 10,000 BCE.

9. The earliest formations in military or infantry was the phalanx. The formation first used in 3,000 BCE in Sumer.

10. The first armed conflict in history that had eyewitnesses was the battle of Megiddo in 1479 BCE. The battle was between Thutmose III of Egypt and King of Kadesh, alliance of former Egyptian territories. Megiddo literally means Armageddon.


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