10 FUN Facts about Finland You Might Want to Know

Do you know which country that was under Swedish rule for 600 years ? Was inhabited when the last ice age ended around 9000 B.C ? A home of our Santa Claus and Rudolph ? And has land borders in the east with Russia? .. if you guess it’s Finland then you guess right !! Here is some Countries Fun Facts and Insights you will find in Finland 🙂

1. Finland is situated in geographical region of Fennoscandia and one of the Nordic country with extreme cold climate, the Finns could not live without sauna. Sauna has been part of their ritual and a form of both inner and outer cleansing also an essential part of their weekend.

Credit: Photo by Harri Tarvainen

2. The classic summer treat for the Finns is wild bilberries served with sugar and milk. They usually eat it as a dessert or breakfast.

Credit: Otava, Portraying Finland

3. They are invented Nordic walking, an excercise which require you to walk using a walking poles similar to ski poles. Nordic walking itself is developed based on off-season ski training activity.

Credit: Thies

4. When the Finns get their doctoral degree they will get the highest academic award black, silk covered doctor’s top hat worn by both men and women and a long sword…feels like a knight !!

Credit : Photo by

5. For all of you who knows Santa Claus lives in the North Pole but don’t know exactly where. You get it straight in Finland because Santa lives at Korvatunturi in Finnish Lapland. Every Christmas, he flies out Lapland to deliver presents to all well behaved children and grown-ups.


6. When it’s winter and the ice is frozen, they could be the craziest person you will ever meet. They would love to go swimming through a hole in the lake!

Credit: Photo by

7. They would love to stay outdoors in the summer as long as the sun set. But, it’s kind of hard to predict when. In the summer if you are at the country’s northernmost point the sun doesn’t set at all for 2 months !!

Credit: Photo by

8. On their Independence day, on  December 6, The students in Helsinki will gather and parade from Hietanami, the tomb of heroes to the Senate Square.

Credit: Photo by & Wikimedia Commons

9. The Finns excel in extreme sportsWikimediaFormula 1, motorsport and Rally driving. Keke Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen, and Kimi Raikkonen are the winners in the Formula 1 World Championship.

Credit: Photo by

10. Talk about the Strong men in Finland is portraying in a stereotype “He doesn’t talk and He doesn’t Kiss”. The portraying itself  comes from the heroes of a novel in 1870 by Aleksis Kivi, The Seven brothers.

Credit: Photo Peter Franzen by

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