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10 Illustrations Explain Stages In Falling in Love, Which Stage Are You Now?

Hi Buzzers! Falling in Love is such a beautiful feelings where desire and kindness mix together in one heart. That’s why there’s a saying that “Love is Blind”. You only can see the good from your partner since you love them as if they cast a spell on you. But if you are not sure about love, 10 illustrations from talented illustrator Yaoyao will help you to understand it..

1. Everything seems to be right, beautiful, and romantic like breathing a new air for the first time.

2. Suddenly you have that sleepless nights, staying awake because his/her face choose to stay in your mind.

3. You want to know what they are doing and if He/She do the same thing like you do.

4. You start listening to Love songs which correlated with your feelings or story about you and him.

5. You start worrying on how you look and body weight just in case you meet him/her again.

6. You start taking a better care of yourself, spa and workout become a routine.

7. You feel that he/she is close to you somehow.

8. There are days you want to grab your phone and tell him/her that you love…but you afraid of rejection.

9. In some point of time, could be months or years, you just give up to be together but the feelings will never go away. You start thinking probably loving someone in silence is better since you keep only the good memories of him/her in your heart.

10. You can choose to move on while keeping the flame burning since maybe God will unite both of you in the most beautiful way. Always believe in Miracles! If not then no worries, I believe He creates his perfect plan for you!

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