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10 Incredible Rules Traveler Need To Know Before Visiting Singapore

Hi Buzzers, Singapore is a wonderful country, look at their airport, gardens by the bay which captivating our eyes. Moreover, just recently Singapore became a country that hosts US President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un known as Trump-Kim Summit. By doing so, Singapore has strengthened its role in the world of peace and security. Singapore also brings a new history which we will remember. But, traveler if you planning to go to Singapore…there are few rules you need to watch out…

1. While in Europe it’s not a crime to share your bread or food to the pigeons, never ever do that in Singapore. Singapore will not tolerate this act and they will give a fine of around $500. Well, I think the pigeons are cool they can look for worms or something…

Feeding pigeon

2. Traveler, please don’t Sing in Public for any Reason. Either you just want to make a prank..yeah we saw that a lot in YouTube…or you are extremely happy because the girl finally says ‘Yes’…just…don’t…for your own good…don’t do it. Don’t even try..since you will go straight to Jail for 3 months! Bye bye Free world!


3. I don’t know about you, but for 90’s kids, we think chewing gum is cool! Lot’s of gum’s brands, my favorite is bubble gum…that’s why mostly 90’s kids are sweet like candy lol. I also remember my sister likes to chew gum since she needs to reduce her weight..well she’s not a hippo but you know how a woman is. You need to note here Singapore laws hate gums..they think you can’t be cool with that and just forget your weight! It’s illegal to carry gum, selling gum, and chewing it. You can get $100,000 fine or up to 2 years in prison!! Wow!

Chew a gum

4. This is a good rule for nasty people..I don’t even understand why they can’t do a simple task like flushing the toilet? If you are a forgetful person, you need to keep this in mind or you will get $150-$500 fine. Don’t ever think you can get away with it because there are officials who will check every cubicle..haha nice!

Flush toilet

5. Are you A Vape generation? Well, you need to throw that away while you are in Singapore. Despite the reports that vaping and e-cigarette is healthier than the original cigarettes, the Health Science Authority in Singapore argues that it will be a gateway for a nonsmoker to tobacco. You will get fine of $5,000 and No…You can’t do Shisha either.


6. Public Nudity is not a strange rule but… charge for Public nudity even in your own home is ridiculous. So, say goodbye to the sunshine..don’t ever try to be topless in your roof or garden to be tan. If you are reported or caught then you need to say hello with your cellmates in jail for 3 months.


7. Please make sure when you invite people for dinner you have plenty beers or wine with you if you are run out of it and you purchase the alcohol above 10.30 pm..that’s bad man. Singapore bans the sale and drinking of alcohol in public from 10.30 pm to 7 am.

Buy alcohol

8. If you just buy a flat in Singapore make sure you don’t have a cat as your pets! They said cat’s difficult to maintain because of its shed fur and urinated in public places. Good news is you can have dogs but you need a license for that.

Apartment's cat

9. If you are a traveler with strong political views or a citizen that is not satisfied with the Singaporean President, you need to hold your grudge to yourself and even never ever imagining the death of the president. It’s considered harsh and could get a death sentence!

Riots and demonstration

10. For the traveler who is a night owl and loves to gather or just walk around the city after the dawn around 10 pm with 3 people or more…well you need to quit this hobby in Singapore except if you don’t mind walking by yourself. The government afraid that the group will do some unlawful act that threatened the country’s peace and stability.



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