10 Intriguing Facts about Christiano Ronaldo: The Most Humble and Great Football Player!

Hi Buzzers! We all get fascinated by Christiano Ronaldo and wait for his action in World Cup. He did so well so far, we might be wondering lucky him to have all that stamina and fame. Humm even the finest ceramic should go through a hard process in order to be beautiful…and so as Christiano Ronaldo! Here is 10 facts that is mostly quite “down to earth” compared to his luxurious life..

1. Christiano Ronaldo doesn’t do alcohol, smoking and tattoo because his father died as a result of alcoholism and he is a regular blood donor.

2. Everybody know that his nickname is cry baby, but he also have other nickname during childhood which is little-bee because he is hard to catch.

3. Albert Frantau is one of his closest friend which give him a chance to get his success. He passed the ball to Ronaldo and make him do the score. Because of that event, Christiano Ronaldo was accepted to the academy. When Ronaldo asked him, he said “You are better than me”. Even though his career finished but Ronaldo also shares his luxurious life with his best friend.

4. He sold the golden boot award he won in 2011 for 1.5 million euro and donate the money to fund a school in Gaza, Palestine.

5. His mother was sick because of breast cancer and Ronaldo paid 100,000 pounds for the hospital. Along with that, he also paid treatments for the boys with cancer in that hospital.

6. He is an ambassador to ‘Save the Children’ and ‘The Mangrove Care Forum’ in Indonesia.

7. He defeated a Spanish Sprinter Angel David Rodriguez in the zig zag spring challenge. Ronaldo also sprint 900 times more in a season than any Olympic Sprinter.

8. He can leaps a total 5G in G-Force. It is five times of a Cheetah in full flight.

9. Ronaldo has his own fashion boutique named CR7 in the islands of Madeira, Portugal and expanded to Lisbon in 2008.

10. He is the fourth footballer that be represented at Madame Tussauds in London. The other footballers are Steven Gerrard, Pele, and David Beckham.


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