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10 Moments of Happiness After Croatia Won Semifinals !

World Cup is can not be predicted, after England leading 1-0 in the first 13 minutes but unfortunately they need to go home. Croatia won the game with a beautiful game ever played! England also all out in this game but probably it’s not their lucky year yet. Well buzzers, if you cherish Croatia last night, here is some images captured their most happy moments!!

1. No need to sleep since Croatia finally got their dream come true !


2. I didn’t know that Luka Modric has a very sad past. When he was 6 his grandfather was shot dead, his family become refugees and need to spend his childhood grew up in the war zone. Today he shows the world that the sad boy has become a very happy man as he succeeded to lead Croatia to the final!

Luka Modric

3. Dejan Lovren sent out his Love to his home country


4. Proud to win and Proud to be a dad !


5. Croatian Fans finally can cherish the historical moment, It is the first time Croatian goes into final!


6. 5,000 Proud fans gathered in Zagreb, what a night!


7. Maximum celebrations on the street of Omis, Croatia.


8. Accidentally tackled the photographer out of happiness!


9. What Ivan Rakitic do after the game? Well Stripping feels liberating.


10. This iconic hug tell us how strong the bond between Croatian players!

Croatian players

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