10 Most Common Myth About Cancer That You Need To Know

Buzzers, we know that cancer is not a new thing for us anymore. The treatment and study for cancer has had a fast development in the recent years. Even so, some people still believe in the common myths about cancer but this article will help you to understand cancer better. Here is the 10 most common myth about cancer that you need to know.

1. Cell phones can cause cancer.

Cell phone can not cause cancer because  its low frequency energy will not damage genes. Most cancer is caused by genetic mutations.

2. Deodorant can cause breast cancer.

There is no evidence that prove this claim. Deodorant is not a cause for breast cancer but the cancer cell is already there.

3. Sugar speed up the growth of cancer cells.

Eating sugar won’t speed up the growth of cancer cell but it doesn’t mean you can have an excessive amount of sugar. Because sugar cause obesity and obesity will be weaken your immune system.

4. A surgery to remove cancer make the cancer cell spread because it exposed to the air.

The surgery won’t make the cancer spread and its an effective way of treatment for some types of cancer. Patients usually feel weak after surgery and it’s normal. The doctor also use different tools to remove the cancer tissue and several methods to prevent it to spread.

5. Older patients will have less benefit from cancer treatment.

This is not true because the treatment has no age limit. Older patients also can be cured from cancer after treatment.

6. Cancer is inherited, so you are free from cancer if no one in your family have it.

This is also a myth. Some cancer about 5 to 10 % can be inherited from parents to their children. But most of cancer is because virus infections and your bad lifestyle.

7. Herbal products can cure cancer and better than the doctor’s treatment.

This is wrong and actually there is no evidence that herbal products can cure cancer. You also need to tell your doctor about any herbal products that you take because some can reduce the performance of the treatment.

8. Injuries and stress can cause cancer.

There is no scientific evidence that can support this claim. Sometimes people go to a doctor to check for their injuries and cancer cell is found during that time. Psychological stress can affect the immune system but for causing cancer there is still no evidence for this claim.

9. Cancer is contagious so we should not get close with cancer patients.

Cancer is not contagious. Cancer patients also need a support from family and friends so don’t be afraid to get in touch with them.

10. Chemotherapy is a worst choice for treatment because it has many side effects.

Well, chemotherapy indeed has side effects but it is still a better option that no treatment or herbal treatment. Chemotherapy side effects usually bleeding, bruising, anemia, and infection because of the shortage of white blood cell. That is why after chemo treatment you need to check up regularly to the doctor and they will prescribes you things like multivitamins. The side effects will not be permanent, it will disappear after treatment ends.

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