10 Most Extraordinary Rules in the UK You Must Follow!

Hi Buzzer! After the enormous goal from Hary Kane in World Cup 2018, we will fall in love with the British for their unexpected surprise! As same as its citizen, the UK also has a lot of unexpected surprise in term of rules which you need to follow! Some of them even quite is the best 10!

1. Don’t beat A Rug!

You are forbidden to beat or shake a rug or carpet in a thoroughfare. But you can do so with your doormat just make sure you do it before 8 am in the morning!

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

2. Watch Your Dog!

Probably this applies if your dog happens to fall in love with a loyal dog. Just beware since it’s forbidden for your dog to mate with the royal dogs! Back in 1965, the offender will get a death penalty even though now it has been abolished.

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

3. No pigs in front of your House!

We all know micro pigs has been a popular pet now but in the UK you must not keep the pigs in front of your house! It’s considered a criminal offense!

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

4. Do not Forget Your Dog’s Waste Bag!

This is the rule don’t ever forget your dog’s waste bag while dog walking! Are you not a forgetful person? Well, then I suggest you do not use up the bag until zero and bring nothing on your way home. If a police catch you empty handed without a spare then be ready to get 100 Gbp fine!

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

5. No “Knock-a-door-run” allowed

Say goodbye to this childhood prank since if you insist to do this the government will give you a fine 500 Gbp.

Extraordinary Rules in the UK


6. Getting drunk!

Even though Friday night is famous time to get wasted apparently getting drunk in public places such as highway, street or even a pub is not allowed! Be ready to face a 200 Gbps fine.

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

7. No Bad reference for the employee!

You can’t give a (subjective) bad reference for your employees. The government considers that it may constitute libel and libel laws in Britain is very strict.

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

8. Share the Loo!

You should be prepared to share the loo in Scotland if someone knocks the door and ask you to do so.

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

9. Be careful in activating the burglar alarm!

If you activate the burglar alarm without having a key holder to off it when you are away, then the act is considered illegal in the UK.

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

10. Sick people should not take public transport!

The law in the UK prohibits the people to take any of public transport including taxi if they have notifiable disease including a plague. A notifiable disease here comes in various form such as rabies, food poisoning, plague, and leprosy. The taxi driver can agree to take you in but first you need to tell him about your condition and his car should be disinfected first. Meanwhile, strong rejection is from a bus driver since it against the law to allow you onboard.

Extraordinary Rules in the UK

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