10 Most Funny People with Weirdest CV Which Actually Work!!

Hi Buzzers!! We all know how it is soo hard in making an impressive CV that can land us a job! Sometimes we are searching here and there and mostly the basic rules say that we shouldn’t put our social media, our witty hobby, only have black and white CV, don’t put too many colors or figures. Well, but after this you should be brave enough to show to the employee who you really are while make sure that it is suitable for the job position too. Just like these funny people or I should say brilliant people who not only have brains but also have balls!! Check them out!

1. Reece Enfield

Sandwich board CV never ever lose its charm!!

Weird CV

2. Greg Bulmash

Be Passionate like an Aries!

Weird Cv

3. Sumukh Mehta

When two X factors collide Good looking + Smart = GQ CV

Weird CV
Weird CV

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