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10 Most Insane Ways To Be Arrested in The World!

Hi buzzers if you would like to know how it feels behind the bar in Europe then these 10 ways could help you! A bit Insane yess!! But if you plan to go to jail for the first time then do it with Style by breaking one of these bizarre rules!!

1. Don’t let chickens cross the road in Georgia.

If you saw chickens standing on the side of the road, don’t try to help them cross the road! It’s illegal in Quitman, Georgia!

2. Not taking your dog for a walk.

In Turin Italy dogs must be gone for a walk at least 3 times a day…wow! I think good reason to say to your boss “I’m busy with my dog and can’t go to work!” since a dog owner will be fined up to 600 euro for not do it and a year in prison if you found out guilty.,-says-turin

3. Own more than 6 dildos in Texas

If you ever plan to go to texas and want to pack your dildos with you make sure you carry only 6 dildos. Own more than 6 can get you a fine up to $ 4,000 or a year in prison.

4. Naked Hiking in Switzerland

It’s forbidden to hike naked in Switzerland! Well, you must be wondering why such rule exist? Apparently in 2009, a naked German walked pass a family picnicking in the Alps.

5. Never said to your wife “You’re uglier than your Mother” in Denmark

This kind of insult will get you a penalty and 1 year in prison.

6. If you can speak German keep in mind you can’t say to a policeman informal “du”

You should refer to them with a formal “sie”. If you still want to test your luck then be ready to get $ 600 fine..Don’t say I haven’t warned you!

7. Do Not Flush the toilet after 10 pm in Switzerland.

If you live or rent an apartment, you should not flush the toilet after 10 pm! This act is considered illegal..maybe because it’s too noisy?

8. Do Not build Sand Castles!

In a town near Venice called Eraclea, build sandcastles on the beach is illegal.

9. You can’t complain if it was Sunny when Winter in Sweden

Sweden has long hours of darkness during winter, yess we all know that gloomy feeling right! But, it is illegal to complain and wish it was sunny!

10. Naming Your kids Coco or Mandarina in Spain

Spain has some restrictions to name your kids with weird names. So if you happen to give birth in Spain during a baby moon then there are several names you should search, just in case!

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