10 Oddest Sex Laws You Could Find in America!

1. No Female wearing a night gown can be taken for a flight on a private plane!! So girls better you wear casual, just in case!

2. No Moose is allowed to have sex in the city street in Fairbanks, Alaska! Hmm…do they speak our language tho?

3. In Bakersfield-California there is a strict rule on who you get screwed to since anyone having sex with a Satan must wear a condom!

4. Couples need to keep their eyes wide open in Colorado because it is against the law to kiss a sleeping woman! Well, I guess sleeping beauty will never wake up in Colorado lol.

5. In Florida you can’t have any sexual relation with a porcupine since it is an illegal act! But..dude…seriously there’s no chance somebody breaking this rule even after drank 100 bottles of whiskey!!

6. Love oral sex? Then don’t move to Georgia. In Georgia a man will be jailed for five years for involving in oral sex with his wife, in her consent and in their home!

7. In Indiana if you grow a moustache you need to take a consequences of not giving a lot of kisses. Your moustaches become illegal if they found out the bearer has tendency to kiss others habitually.

8. Ladies…in Kentucky you will take your  divorce seriously since you can’t marry the same man for three times. It is an illegal act!

9. In Virginia You can’t have sex with any position you like. The act is considered illegal and couple should only have sex with a missionary position.

10. In Washington you should be ready to spend your wedding night else where if you are a virgin! The law says it is against the law to make love with a virgin under any circumstances including on your wedding night!

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