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10 Surprising Facts of New Jersey You Should Know

1. The capital of car theft in the world is in North Jersey. A lot of cars being stolen in Newark than any other city.

New Jersey, United States

2. The diner capital of the world is in New Jersey. The state has lots of classic dinners you could find anywhere…I guess we shouldn’t afraid of being hungry, Buzzers!!

Diners in New Jersey

3. The tallest water tower in the world you could find in New Jersey.

New Jersey, United States

4. What New Jersey love in their meal? Of course a pork roll. A pork roll is the one and only authentic food from this state since most of their cuisines has Jewish or Italian influence.

New Jersey Pork Roll

5. The Motto in New Jersey is Liberty and Prosperity.

New Jersey

6. The famous resort and town in New Jersey are Asbury Park, Cape May, Atlantic City and more than another 50 resorts which I couldn’t mention one by one…

Atlantic City, New Jersey

7. The largest seaport in the United States is in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

New Jersey Elizabeth Port

8. The oldest sea shore resort in the United States is in Cape May.

New Jersey

9. In New Jersey self-service filling of gasoline is prohibited.

New Jersey

10. The world’s first boardwalk is in Atlantic City. In 1870, the state wanted to reduce the amount of sand.

New Jersey Atlantic City

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