10 Things You Should Prepare in The Netherlands!

1. Netherland is not all Sunshine

You should always expect rain to happens so prepare a fashionable rain coat or umbrella with you! Netherlands climate also quite cold during spring and beginning of summer so for you who doesn’t stand cold just like me better to have clothes with layers or always bring that warm jacket!

2. Take some euros and avoid Money Exchange Kiosk

You need to prepare some euros before your trip and better do it in your home country or in a cash machine in the airport because they have better rates than money exchange kiosk.

3. Learn some Dutch

Even though most of people in Netherlands can speak English but it is better to know few phrases. For example if you are allergic to certain food you can avoid it in a restaurants or can tell them directly.

4. The best way to enjoy Netherlands is by walking or cycling

So Buzzers, always wear a comfortable shoes! Well, for you a heel lovers even though you already master how to wear a heel but for your own good, I suggest you to wear a mid chunky heel, wedges, flats, or sneakers! Since Netherlands has some cobblestones and we need to walk a lot!

5. Beware of Bicycles!

Netherlands love cycling and it is their transportation. So, always aware of the bells and get away from the bicycle lanes can help you to live quite longer lol.

6. Download a useful local apps!

You can ask a local or your travel buddy about which app is useful and popular in the Netherlands. For example an app for dining out or transportation will help you quite a lot in your journey.

7. Know the differences between Coffeshop and Cafe.

Surprisingly in Netherlands Coffeeshop is not a main place to buy a cup of coffee. Coffeeshops main menu is the Cannabis or Weed for personal consumption that is tolerated by local authorities. While Cafe is refer to a bar and usually have a big beer glass on top of it. You can enjoy a decent cup of coffee in a brown cafe.

8. Wooden Clogs is not a replacement for your comfortable shoes!

Just in case anything happens to your shoes (well, I have experienced this myself my wedges torn apart lol) always remember that wooden clogs is not a replacement for your shoes! They are only great for souvenirs! Majority don’t use clogs anymore and some still use it but not for all day and only on field..

9. If you stay for a long period of time, avoid daily tickets!

For transportation, you can buy OV chipkaart which you can use multiple times for transportation. It will save you more money than buying transportation tickets everyday.

10. If you’re searching a room, watch out this three rules!

The three rules are : always ask to meet the landlord, never sign a contract without checking the property, and never deposit a house! If you don’t meet the landlord such as he is out of town and he asks you to transfer deposit money then don’t do it! Bigger chance is you were scammed!

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