10 Unforgettable Moments After France Won The 2018 World Cup !!

Hi Buzzers!! Last night match still felt like a dream! France played so smooth and beat Croatia with 4-2 !! Spectacular! Too bad now World Cup is over and we should move on but here is 10 unforgettable photos to keep the sweet memories of the match in our hearts…Enjoy Buzzers!

1. Antoine Grizzman and Paul Pogba seems hasn’t believed the France team already won the world Cup!

2. Now they can dancing in the rain!

3. France win the World Cup smoothly like  Ben Mendy slides!

4. Mother’s Love is the reason behind Paul Pogba success.

5. Pogba and Sibide performed sujood sukr as in Islam is to show gratitude to God The Almighty.

6. It is Obvious that President Macron is number one fans!

7. President Macron give genuine hug, proud for the France team!

8. Ben Mendy looks Mexican than French lol.

9. Mbappe on his 19 !!

10. Even though it is said that France team 80% African and 50% Moslem well sorry for haters!! France wins anyway, take it or leave it !!

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