11 Funniest yet Bizarre Types of People You Will Met On The Beach!!

Hey Buzzers, It’s August!!! August only means one thing Sand and Sea, Beach!!  Besides get in touch with bacterias burrowed in the sand, sharing the same water, dusty wind, and smelly sweats from  the people? Actually not all bad since I can see funniest yet bizarre types of people gathering in the beach. So, have you spot them yet? Here’s the list!

1. The bodybuilder!

There are types of people who roaming around the beach to get attention and the bodybuilder is one of them. Beach is their bodybuilding championship! They will make a Hercules pose everytime! Can’t they just act normal??

Weirdest people at the beach

2. The Prankster!

The prankster will happily ruin your nice afternoon at the beach with some pranks they thought funny but quite annoying to you!

Weirdest people at the beach

3. The Fashionista!

Alright I don’t remember since when the so called “Penekinis” become a fashion! It’s quite disturbing to see a willy in a very little fabric..

Weirdest people at the beach

4. The Believer!

Well it’s okay if you want to worship God but doing that half naked at the beach with large golden Jesus necklace ? Hmm.. I don’t think God will be pleased..

Weirdest people at the beach

5. The Sexy Thang!

It’s the beach and you expect to see some sexy thang…or thongs?! Lol. But most of the times  reality is a bitter truth!!

Weirdest people at the beach

6. The Beer’s Belly

The beach is a good place to reminds you about your old age insecurities!! Being Blad, Beer’s Belly, white hairy chest…you name it!

Weirdest people at the beach

7. The NSFW couple

The NSFW couple love to re-create contents they saw last night but at the beach?? Come on…can’t they have a mercy for my loneliest soul??!

Weirdest people at the beach

8. Women in High heels

Well I am quite confused on how women think! Do they really need to kill the sand with their pointy heels or what?

Weirdest people at the beach

9. The “I will do anything for Love” Guy

Should I give an applause to this man? He risks his life by allowing his girl to wear a life vest. But…is he being romantic or being stingy?? Only God knows.

Weirdest people at the beach

10. The Exotic People

The exotic people are not someone with dark brownie chocolate skin but someone who love to bring their exotic pets to the beach!! You haven’t seen someone carry around a long slicky snake? Well, now you have!

Weirdest people at the beach

11. “Hey, Take a picture of us”-girls

Alright, they probably the hottest girls on the beach but you can’t stand their attitude. After minutes of talking, You will think approaching them is a big mistake, since they only talk a few lines and then hand you their phones or cameras! You will end up taking their photos for the next 5 hours!!

Weirdest people at the beach

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