12 Ridiculous World’s Sign Posts You Need to See !!

1.When you get tired of your mom..

Credit : Instagram @stayathomemum

2.When your grandmother insisted to help your business…

Credit : Instagram @lifeunrefined

3.When I couldn’t agree more…

Credit : Instagram @artbyhosannah

4.When your advertisement is the main reason of people going Vegan..

Credit : Instagram @rob_braddick

5.When you have an identity crisis so you speak with both language

Credit : Instagram @roadtripsoul

6.When your cashier try to prevent the world war 3 in your home..

Credit : Instagram @depzl

7.When your motto is “dancing in the rain..”

Credit : Instagram @saduseless

8.When they give you stereotype just because of your gender…

Credit: Instagram @adgraphicsus

9.When you feel you have been cheated to the max

Credit : Instagram @emeryellisco

10.This church sign with “hidden” agenda

Credit : Instagram @klashl1

11.This desperate “banana”

Credit : Instagram @klashl1

12.When too much “revealing” in front of the cashier will not get you a New I-Phone anymore…

Credit : Instagram @charlesdemitchell

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