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15 The Most Shocking Fashion Disasters of our time

Top Shocking Celebrity Fashion Disasters

There’s a thin line between ‘avant-garde’ and ‘ridiculous costume’ however — and sometimes, even with a team of stylists and managers, celebrities still end up making a bad fashion decision.

Are these the worst ever fashion disasters? From shell suits to peach meringue dresses, people reveal their most toe-curling style crimes.


Nothing Left To The Imagination


Pink Higlighter and Teacher Match


Let’s not forget that infamous meat dress worn by Lady Gaga.

Christopher McKendrick, pictured that one time he became Jazzy Jeff


Shapeless, shiny and garish, the shell suit


Bjork’s swan dress is still making appearances at Halloween parties.


Red carpet blunders spotted


A look at the stars who made bad style


Sport clothing mayham


No comment ,,, Whoopi


Ready for Red Carpet, Self defence


Too cold to go out without socks


Red Carpet Fashion


Hilary Duff in action 

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