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17 Wonderful Photos You Must See of Little Blue City in Tunisia

Sidi bou said is the city painted with colors  resembles the magnificent of deep blue sea. It is located in Northern Tunisia, about 20 km from the capital city, Tunis.

The town itself painted with blue and white colors made this town known as one of the Blue cities in the world.

The street is full of steps and narrow road. That’s why it is better to do sightseeing on foot or by renting a bicycle or mopeds. Many areas are in the edge of a cliff make this town looks like “A little Greek in the Arab World”.  We sort out of the most fascinating images of this town from Instagram so you can enjoy its beauty.

1. The little blue town from above, serenity at its finest

Credit : Instagram

2. The painted building with bluish color such a mesmerizing oase in this little town

Credit : Instagram @worldwithinher

3. The narrow road feels magical just as in Alice and wonderland

Credit : Instagram @aminega3

4. The breathtaking view from Mediterranean Ocean at “Cafe des delices”

Credit : Instagram

5. An Open door to a Fairy tale World

Credit : Instagram @raghstoriches

6. The flying paper boat

Credit : Instagram @seematakeeshaphoto

7. Little town with so much inspirations inside

Credit : Instagram @ellibar1

8. Another stair to heaven

Credit : Instagram @photojenictravel

9. The corner of Alladin’s flying carpet

Credit : Instagram @pure_tunisia

10. The Chester’s cat peeking out of the window

Credit : Instagram @alyssaallday

11. Did you hear what the door say? “Abra Kadabra”

Credit : Instagram @_up_n_away

12. A harbor of hopes and dreams

Credit : Instagram @fouzia_de_zen

13. The luxurious porcelains in vivid colors

Credit : Instagram @thisismenour

14. A splendid reflection of Culture

Credit : Instagram @catherinebisconte

15. A place to mix reality and fantasy

Credit : Instagram @burakturhall80

16. A fantastic local market as the heartbeat of this little town

Credit : Instagram @azizkhouildi

17. The train station welcome Traveller also in their white and blue shades

Credit : Instagram @azerpics

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