Top 20 Things Only Exist in America That Different From The Rest of The World!


1. “Oh, really?”. Americans use this word to show interest but foreigners often take it as a person challenging his opinion.

2. “How are You?” as a Hello. Instead of hello or hi, Americans use this word to greet you and not really asking about how you really are doing. So, get your s**t together by yourself.

3. Lots of lawyers and Drugs advertisement everywhere on TV. Yes, it’s true maybe because men will need it the most!!

4. Flags…Flags…Flags…everywhere. What’s a better way to show your patriotism?

5. Greater Gap in Public Bathrooms! Quite awkward when you can see their legs while you peeing! But, apparently it designed like that so no one can do monkey business there like drugs etc.

6. Massive number of guns is owned by Americans for self-defence. I think since it creates more problem they should start learning on how to Kungfu fighting!

7. Social hierarchies in educational system! Mr. & Mrs. Popular, Prom King & Queen, Golden Boy, and many students try to climb social cool status in school which I found weird.

8. Guessing how much you should pay in the end because their tax is not included in the price!

9. College football players are celebrities! Like for real??!!

10. Jaywalking is actually crime in the US while it’s not a matter in UK to cross a road at any point.

11. America has lots of 24 hour stores and drive thru! I think they are getting too convenience until everything is drive thru in America even Banks & ATM!

12. Pets are children. In America it’s not hard to find pets spas, clothing, day care, saloon, resort and so on.

13. “Doggy bags”. Even though the name is doggy bags, it is nothing to do with dogs. Doggy bags is a bags that they use to carry your left overs since their food portion is bigger than the rest of the world!

14. Okay so after you don’t know how much the thing cost in the end, you also need to give 20% of tipping.

15. Imperial units VS metrics systems! In America imperial units win!

16. Shoes-On inside the house! After walking around outside with shoes…guys come on?!

17. Pros Americans : Loud, Friendly, Always sound Excited. Cons: Personal Space is a concept that doesn’t exist in their book. They love to randomly talking with stranger.

18. Credit card user is not worry about security. No Signatures or pins doesn’t matter!

19. Turning right on a Red! Just pray you won’t get run over!

20. You can’t do Sarcasm or Joke about yourself. If you joke about yourself in self deprecating humor, most of the time Americans will try to comfort you rather than laughing with you. Well, I think they are actually nice people indeed.

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