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4 Scariest Islands in Real Life You Should Dare To Visit !!

1. Ilha da Queimada Grande

This is an island off the coast of Brazil which is not inhabited by humans. The snake takes almost all area in this island. Every 1 meter you will encounter with 1 snake at least. The type of snake that inhabits this island is Bothrops insularis (golden lancehead pit viper), deadly venomous. Well buzzer, you must be wondering why this snake occupied this island. The reason is actually these snakes trapped on this island because of the rising sea level that connects the mainland. This made the snakes have no option despite must adapt to their surroundings and their population also increased.

Snake Island, Brazil
Snake Island, Brazil

2. Ramree Island

Ramree Island is located in Rakhine State, Burma. There is a scary history about this island which also recorded by Guinness World Records as “The Greatest Disaster Suffered by Human from Animals”. It was during World War II, Battle of the Ramree Island. At that time, in this island, lots of saltwater crocodiles and they ate 980 Japanese soldier crossing in the island. Only 20 of them survived. Even though it’s a famous story, the authenticity still being questioned since probably it’s too scary to be true. Some narration mentioned that only 15 soldiers killed by a crocodile while others die because of disease. Today Ramree island uses its crocodile for tourism attraction. So, are you interested, Buzzer?

Ramree Island, Myanmar
Ramree Island, Myanmar

3. Komodo Island

Komodo island is located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This island is a home for Komodo dragon, the biggest lizard on earth. Even though they are quite big and heavy, this monstrous lizard has a fast movement. In the colonial era, the Dutch soldiers amazed seeing the seven meters length creatures with large body inhabit this island. They thought the creatures can breathe fire too, that’s why they called them dragons.

Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur
Komodo Dragon, Indonesia

4. Pulau Ular

This is an isolated island in Bima, Indonesia. This island inhabited by numerous sea snakes called Laticauda Colubrina. They hide in rocks and hundreds of them you could find here. This island is like their private resort for sunbathing lol. The snakes are venomous, they only need to inject a tiny drop of poison to kill a human. Even though they are venomous but the snakes in this island are very tame. You could carry them and play with them. There is a legend about the snakes and the island. It is believed that the island was a Portuguese ship which came there to kill the natives. The chief who heartbroken seeing his people being killed cursed all the sailors as snakes which isolated forever in the island.

Snake Island, Bima
Snakes Island

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