5 Amazing and Shocking Truth of Matrilineal Tribes Around the World

1. The Minangs

The Minangs is a tribe in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are considered as the largest matrilineal society in the world. Even though most of them are Moslem which should follow patrilineal lineage but some locals still practice their matrilineal lineage as a culture. The custom called adat perpatih set properties like house and land inherited through female lineage. The custom is believed as a product of their men traveling to other countries for an unspecified time to look for wealth. The option to hand the properties to the women is believed to be logical since it will ensure the women and the offspring welfare. Also, they argue that men can live anywhere and don’t need a house like a women do…Wow!

Minang Tribe, Indonesia

2. The Hopi

The Hopi is a Native American Tribe in Northeastern Arizona. Hopi or Hopituh-shi-nu-mu has a meaning “The Peaceful Little Ones”. Hopi people have matrilineal culture since the children will be a member of the wives clans and will be named by the women of the father’s clan. There will be over 40 names for the children along with gifts.

Hopi Tribe

3. The Mosuo

The Mosuo women live in Lugu Lake, South West China. There will be 40,000 women and known as Kingdom of women. Mosul women don’t know the word, father or husband. They don’t get married but have many lovers according to their wish. Because of this custom, child from Mosuo women doesn’t know who their father is. Some foreigners also take advantage of their custom to get what they called “free sex”.

Mosuo Women, China

4. Iroquois

Iroquois is one of the most powerful Indian tribe in America that led by women. Iroquois women has several duties such as raising the children and also enjoy their part as keepers of the culture. Their role as keepers of the culture is including defining the social, political, and economic norms of the tribe. The iroquois women are an inspirations for the 19th century feminist. Lucretia Mott was one of the first American feminist that have an idea of men and women equality after visited Seneca in Summer 1848; one of the six Iroquois nations. She saw how matrilineal system being practiced and women involved in all aspects of society including politics. After that, she visited a friend in Western New York where they planned the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls.

Iroquois women, America

5. Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a tribe with the matrilineal system in Northeast India. They will inherit all their property and responsibilities to Khun Khatduh. Kun Khatduh is the youngest daughter in the family. One of the duties of Kun Khatduh is taking care of the aged parents and also unmarried siblings in the family. If a family in this tribe doesn’t have a daughter then the parents can nominate other girls that they like such as daughter in law. Another option is to adopt a girl from another family, perform a ritual and religious ceremony for them to make them as the head of the house or Ka trai iing.

Meghalaya Women, India

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