5 Amazing Books that Will Make Your Children Love Maths!!

1. The Multiplication Tables Coloring Book

This book will combine the things that they love with the thing they haven’t loved yet. Yes! Coloring and Maths! With coloring the children can have fun while the parents teach the children about their time tables. If you have children age 6 then this is their  first math book!

math book

2. Maths On The Go

Maths on the go will teach your children Maths through various of games, hacks, and tips. Those things will make Math fun for your children from age 4 to age 14. This book is also very popular among mums so if you haven’t have one get one now !

math book

3. The Mission of Addition

If you want to teach your children mathematical definition by chanting then this book is for you! This book has mathematical definition in rhymes. Not only that, there is also mathematical problems to solve with a silly cartoon inside!

math book

4. A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

This is a great book that received the 2018 Mathematical Winners. Designed for children grade 3 to 5, this book explore scale and estimation as far as in the sky!!

math book

5. Hidden Figures: The American Dream and The Untold Story of The Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win The Space Race

Hidden figures received 2018 Mathematical honor book for its combination of Math, Science, and History facts. Hidden figures give foundation of critical thinking in understanding that Math can be used for greater purpose such as going to the Moon! A great book for your daughter too because of its inspiring story about an African American women mathematicians that helps NASA launch astronauts to the orbit. The story give empowerment for all women out there.

math book

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