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5 Animals Who Will Be The Next Great Football Players!

Hi Buzzers! Apparently the Worldcup fever also reach animal kingdom. Since 2018 Miaoocup will be held soon, all football stars are practicing their moves..Here is some secret footage of their training!

Note: You can watch their Video footage by clicking “source” … enjoy!!

1. The Secret Midfielder, The Turkey

This Turkey definitely have lots of confident in tackling the ball and has a beautiful skill !

2. The Impressive Goalkeeper, Sissi the Cat

Sissi the cat apparently training so hard to be the best goalkeeper for 2018 MiaooCup. I bet Sissi is ready to beat Purin this time.

3. Purin The Cutest Goalkeeper

Purin, a brown dog from Japan has received the Guiness World record as the best goal keeper. Purin can caught most balls in one minute with his cutie paws!

4. The Deadly Forward, Cheetah

Our Debutant is from South Africa. Citarella is a deadly forward with his  speed, and stamina made him the fastest and the trickiest forward equal to Portugal Star Ronaldo.

5. Zabu, The Greatest Defender

Zabu and his Feline team also practicing their talent. Zabu is a great defender and very possessive about his ball ! I think no one will be able to take the ball besides Zabu not even Cameron, the Lion.

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