5 Backstory Behind Popular Toys You Might Not Know

1. Porcelain Dolls (Bisque Dolls)

The bisque doll was a matte porcelain doll. This doll became famous in Europe after the porcelain glazed doll from China. The first manufacture was in France and Germany in 1860s. The first bisque doll designed as a fashion doll and collected by the royalty. One of the royals who collected this doll was Queen Anne, Queen of Great Britain. That is why they also known as Queen Anne dolls.

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2. Teddy Bear

Teddy bear was made after Morris Michtom inspired by a political cartoon of Theodore Roosevelt in The Washington Post on 16th of November 1902. The cartoon itself spoke about the hunting trip in Mississippi where Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear himself. Morris Michtom then made a bear doll with cute and smaller body. He sent this toy to Roosevelt and got a permission to use his name. The toy was a great success and people knew it as “Teddy’s bear”.

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3. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle created when John Spilsbury, a Map maker, copied his map to a board and cut it. This idea was taken to several companies to make an educational toy that will help in learning geography, history, and holy scripture. Jigsaw Puzzle came to America in 1850. Parkers brothers make a jigsaw puzzle from wood with a different subject such as animals, letters, etc. In the 1950s, puzzles made from cardboard appeared at a cheaper price. This made people going crazy for the puzzle but unfortunately, after television was booming in the 1950s, people not too interested in puzzle anymore.

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4. Paper Airplane

We know China is famous for its origami art. Paper gliders and origami was very popular in around 500 BCE in China. At that time, this paper glider was not only for a toy. Da Vinci made the first prototype of his parachute and aircraft by using paper models. The final breakthrough was the use of the paper model for  The Wright brothers’ aircraft design. Well, now we know paper airplane contribute to the advanced in technology and the birth of an airplane we see now.

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5. Monopoly

Monopoly game is also known as landlords. At first, this game was designed to learn about consequences made by the law of rent and law value taxation. This game invented by an American, Elizabeth Magie. Monopoly was famous in America in the 1930s.

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