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5 Backstory of Buildings Around the World

1. Abbazia della Santissima Trinità

In English known as Abbey of the Santissima Trinita located in Venosa, Italy. This is a complex of Roman Catholic Abbey which divided into two parts. First one is “the old church” which is a cemetery of Norman princes and leader who lived in 1010 and 1085. The second one is “the unfinished church” which probably built around the 12th century. Why the second church is unfinished is still a mystery. The most famous theory is when the Normans took over Sicily, the capital city is not in Memphis and Venosa trinity (the area where the church built) was not represent Norman pantheons anymore…that’s why they left it unfinished.

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2. New Zealand Parliament Building

In 1907 the old parliament building was made from wood and got destroyed by fire. The only thing left was the library which had an iron-fire door. The new parliament’s construction divided into two stages. The outbreak of World War I made it difficult to continue the construction of the new parliament. It was because of the shortage of labor and materials needed. Finally, in 1922 the first stage of the new parliament building was completed but the second stage was never completed until in 1980 the government decided to refurbish the buildings. Now, it has been a place accessible for New Zealanders with high heritage values.

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3. Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle is described by the owner, Jim Bishop as “Built by one man in a help of God”. Well, he’s not exaggerating. In fact, he built his castle from scratch such as buying the land by the age of 15 from mowing lands, throwing newspaper, and working with his father. He also collected rocks instead of other “normal” building materials because he saw rocks were plenty and he needed to save his spending. Even though he has many obstacles especially in funding, his castle will remain for free. The reason is that he doesn’t want people feeling like him when he couldn’t go to the zoo because the admission was too much. Bishop Castle is still growing until now. It is a concrete form of his American Dream.

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4. Prora

Prora was built in between 1936 and 1939. It was a part of a leisure complex designed by the Nazis. The purpose of this complex was to strengthen national socialism by bringing society from all different classes together. The complex was 2,8 miles in length decorated with Third Reich Architecture which became heritage on the site. The outbreak of world war II in 1939 made this complex abandoned and unfinished. Finally, in 2008 the complex refurbished into its main purpose as a resort for budget minded tourist. In 2016, it opened its first apartment.

Photo by @tasman_ti / dirk.nachtmann

5. Centro Financiero Confinanzas

This building is a skyscraper located in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. It also called as Torre de David. The construction stopped as the impact of Venezuelan banking crisis. The government tried to put it in the auction but nobody interested. As the result, in the 2000s and 2010s many citizens in Caracas who affected by bank crisis and housing shortage moved to the tower’s complex. They became residential and occupied the area. The number of families who lived there reached 5,000 in 2011.  These families relocated after operation Zamora in 2014 after the government decided to build this tower as its original use. However, until 2018 this tower hasn’t completed.

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