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5 Best Spots in France to Have Tranquility in Nature!!!

Hi Buzzers! So are you in France now or planning to go to France? Then you must know that France is not only Paris and its City or Eiffel Tower! Paris has lots of things to offer and if you already feel bored strolling around the citu, why not finding your Zen and tranquility in Nature? Here is 5 best Spots in France where you can feel connected with the Nature!

1. Île de Loisirs Saint Quentin en Yvelines

As its name, it is a leisure island of St. Quentin and Yvelines. This leisure park is build in 600 acre of land and lakes about 25 km from south west Paris. If you like nature and it’s served for you then this is the right spot! A lot of things you can do here from watersports, horse riding, golf, go karting, mountain biking, and many more. So probably if you feel bored swimming in the lake you can go straight to go karting.

2. Le Parc de Bagatelle

Le Parc de Bagatelle or The park of Bagatelle is one of the botanic parks in Paris. The park has a beautiful landscape with ango-chinese style. If you love roses then this park is worth to visit since it has 10,000 rose plants from 1,200 different species and has annual competition for new roses. Fun fact! This park is actually built because of a bet between Marie-Antoinette and the Count of Artois. The bet required the park to be built in 64 days only.

3. Jardin Albert Kahn

Jardin Albert Kahn has a three garden style which are English garden, French Garden and Japanese Garden. Of course the most famous is its Japanese garden. Inside the Japanese garden there is Japanese village which the owner brought when he visited Japan.

4. Gorges d’Apremont

Gorges d’Apremont is for people who love adventure and rock climbing! This site has a natural unique formations of rocks that is quite challenging for climbers. But, if you can’t climb it’s okay too since you can just photographed yourself with the elephant rock!

5. Massif des trois pignons

Massif des trois pignons is located on the edge of fontainebleau forest. The spots has intriguing landscape such as les sables du cul du chien. It has a meaning “The sands of the dog’s ass”…hmm even the name is already intriguing. I am not quite sure why the name is so funny, but maybe because there is sand here but without a sea. Well after all this site is worth visiting because you can strolling the forest too and do birds sightseeing.

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