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5 Best Travel Apps to Enhance your Travel Experience!

1. Tourlina

For you women who loves to travel solo, this app knows sometimes you’re tired of going solo and need a friend to stroll around the city. Well, if you are not really keen to be accompanied by a male traveller because sometimes you only need a sister figure. Someone who can tell you what tampons brand is better, best hair spa in town or even gossiping about each other bfs. Well then I really suggest you to download this app since Tourlina is designed for women traveler only!

2. Worldbackpackers

World backpackers will be a great app for all the traveler who like to find a new learning and getting connected with the locals in the most beautiful way which is by Volunteering. So no worries about a place to stay as you will always get a roof and food by offering your skill to the people or NGO!!

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a useful travel app to find cheapest deal in hotel booking, flights, and even car rental or travel deals. You can set a price alerts and gets a frequent flyer miles with applicable airline loyalty program.

4. Klook

Klook is an application that make your sightseeing hassle free. You can find everything here from buying a ticket for a show, bust trip, disneyland, and many more! It’s hassle free because you will get instant confirmation and voucher to show at the spot, so no queue anymore! For now the payment is only available by credit card.

5. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a great travel app if you want to stay in touch with the local and authentic culture as well. This app is designed to do almost everything such as it has a party arranged for couch surfers every Friday or sightseeing every weekend. It is also provide you with someone willing to host you in exchange for your travel story, friendship, or even food!

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