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5 Bizarre Mountains' Names that left you Speechless

1. Bitch Mountain

Bitch mountain location is at the Essex County, New York, in the United States. It has 797 meters high and categorizes as a 424th highest mountain in New York. It is near the Adirondack Park, a wilderness area in New York.

Credit: Photo by Youtube @Brian

2. Old Butt Knob Mountain

Old Butt Knob is a mountain with 1,683 meters high. Its location is in Haywood County and ranked the 114th highest mountain in North Carolina. It should be called Butte but the word was corrupted.

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3. Coffin Top Mountain

A really scary name for a mountain. Well, the mountain gets its name probably because of its flattened summit. It has 745 meters high. This mountain located in South Georgia.

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4. Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather mountain has 1,812 meters high and located in Avery, Caldwell, Watauga Counties in North Carolina. It is the highest peak of blue ridge mountains. The mountain is well known for its hidden caves, significant cliffs, and seven environmental habitats that showcasing animals in their natural state. This mountain is quite beautiful and has been an icon for North Carolina.

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5. Executive Committee Range

Executive Committee Range is sounding like an important committee of business leaders lol. It is actually mountain range with five volcanoes located in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. The name itself is an honor for the Antarctic Service Executive Committee since this mountain was found by United States Antarctic Service Expedition on 15th December 1940.

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