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5 Coolest Robots to Educate Your Kids in Technology !!

1. Zoob Bot

Zoob Bot is designed for children age 6 years old. This robot kit is an honor winner in NAPPA children’s competition. It’s a beginner kit so easy to build and play. The fun in play this robotic model is you can transform it into any shapes that you like. It also occupies with motorized wheels and light up eyes.

Credit: Photo by Amazon

2. Tenergy ODEV Tomo STEM Robot 2 in 1

If your children age 8 years old and above, I this model kit will be suitable for them. This Robot kit is a winner in 2017 National Parenting Product Award Winner. What makes it so special? Well, It has 2 in 1 programmable robot for children and you can build it into 2 different types of the robot; A tricycle or self-balancing 2 wheeled dicycle.

Credit: Photo by Amazon

3. Pi Smart Robot Car Kits

Your kids like a car? Then why not helping them to build one with this smart robot car kits which probably can give them ideas to innovate their future cars. Pi smart Robot Car Kits is good for children age 10 and above. The complete kits will teach them on how to code since it has Python code, Dragit, and GUI programming. It will be fun and easy since they only need to dragging and dropping the code blocks for further complex functions. This smart car also can automatically avoid obstacles which could be a breakthrough for a future automotive industry.

Credit: Photo by Amazon

4. 11 in 1 programmable Robot Kits

11 in 1 just like its name it gives children age 10 and above the ability to build their robot with 11 types of transformation. Children will not get easily bored because there will be many bots to try from monkey bot,  sumo bot, trailer bot, mouse bot and seven more!! The Kit also comes from California-based Robotics Learning Center, The Rokit Smart which contains a full set of tools that needed to build a real robot.

Credit: Photo by Amazon

5. Mi Robot Builder

Mi Robot is fun to assemble and plays for children of all ages even adults!! It also very simple since you don’t need a computer to program the robot, you only need to drag and drop the code blocks from your practical! It moves too while supporting 6,6 lbs since it is equipped with the inverted pendulum algorithm that makes your robot stable. The 3  in 1 model will surely entertain your kid. They can build a dinosaur, a plane, and a robot. This kit awarded the Academic’s choice and Tillywig’s award because it gives the children a comprehensive understanding and skills in engineering, construction, physics, and programming.

Credit: Photo by Amazon

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