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5 Fabulous Festivals You Need to Visit in August!

Hi Buzzers! Have you made your bucket list for holidaying in August? As an adventurous traveler we should explore the world until its corner and engage in their culture to grasp the wisdom in our journey! So, If you haven’t put anything in your bucket list or only full of names of the beach…maybe these list will help you to decide to be more adventurous!

1. Uchal-Kalash Summer Festival, Pakistan

The Uchal festival in celebrated on 20th August by the Kalash people in Pakistan. They will celebrate it by chanting and dancing also praying to the deities for the harvest. The Kalash worship many deity of Kafiristan like Balomain. They are also believed by the historians as the descendants of the soldiers of Alexander The Great.

Uchal-Kalash Summer Festival

2. Festival Nacional del Viento y Las Cometas, Colombia

In Colombia this festival also called as wind and kite festivals. The festival is celebrated in August in Villa De Leyva. There will be lots of colorful and beautiful kites decorated the sky.

Festival Nacional del Viento y Las Cometas, Colombia

3. Hirosaki Neputa Festival, Japan

Hirosaki Neputa Festival in Japan is celebrated on 1st August to 7th August. The festival take place in the old castle town of Hirosaki. There will be 80 Neputas depicting warriors. The neputas parade through the town accompanied by flute and taiko.

Hirosaki Neputa Festival, Japan

4. Shoton Festival, Tibet

If you like yoghurt then probably you need to experience this festival for once in your life time. Shoton has a meaning in Tibetan as “Yoghurt Banquet”. Just like its name, the celebration consist of eating yoghurt, watching Tibetan operas, and unveiling of Tibetan Thangka Paintings. If you like to visit, the celebration is held in between 21-27 August.

Shoton Festival, Tibet

5. Festa Della Madonna Della Neve, Italy

Madonna della Neve has a meaning as “Madonna of the Snow”, it is also the other name of Virgin Mary given by the Catholic church. The celebration is held on 5 August every year in the area of Basilica. The legend from this festival is very popular, it is said that Holy Virgin Mary appeared in Pope’s Liberio’s dream on 4 August 352. She said to build a church in a place where he would find freshly fallen snow. The miracle happened and the snow fell in Rome in Summer in the 4th century.

Festa Della Madonna Della Neve, Italy

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