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5 Food You Need to Try While You are In Belgium!

We all know Belgium is famous for their waffle and chocolate, but besides that what kind of food is worth to try in Belgium? Well, Buzzers Here’s the Top 5 you should try.

1. Hop Dog

Hop Dog is actually a Hot Dog but in the more healthy way! It has 100 % chicken sausage with homemade bun and sauce that fresh all the time. You can also choose a Veggie Hop Dog or Organic Hop Dog! Yummy!! You can try it at one of the pedestrian streets near Grand Palace.

Hop Dog

2. Maatjes

Maatjes is a traditional food in Belgian culture. If you like raw fish like sushi you probably will like Maatjes too. It’s a brined raw young herring. Young herring is only available in June and usually serves with chopped onions. Belgians eat Maatjes as a light meal for lunch. You can buy Maatjes in fish shop or supermarket.


3. Chicons Au Gratin

Chicons Au Gratin or also called as Belgian Endive and Ham Au Gratin is a perfect autumn delicacy. The Belgian endives are braised in butter, wrapped with ham, and covered with rich mornay sauce. Heat in the oven until brownish, bubbly and melty. You can try it at Aux Armes de Bruxelles. This brasserie is famous for the chicons au gratin since 1921.

Belgian Endive and Ham Au Gratin

4. Belgian Croquettes

Croquettes is actually from France. It’s a deep-fried nugget with bechamel sauce but for Belgians, only nuggets are not enough. Belgians then give a filling to the croquettes. They fill it with shrimp from the North Sea and the most delicious is black truffle or wild boar. You can get it at The Lighthouse food stand. It’s located inside the New Mercado food market in Antwerp.

Belgian Croquettes

5. Speculoos

Speculoos is a thin and crunchy spiced shortcrust cookie from Belgium. It usually made on 6th December to celebrate St. Nicholas Day in Belgium. That’s why Speculoos traditionally have an image which resembles St. Nicholas day. But luckily now you don’t need to wait until December since speculoos is widely sell in a coffee shop in Belgium or in supermarket.


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