5 Great Civilization’s that Now Has Disappeared

1. The Assyrian

Assyrian empire’s territory spread from  Cyprus east Mediterranean to Iran and from what is now Armenia and Azerbaijan to the Arab peninsula, Egypt, and Eastern Libya. The first king of this empire is Tudiya, who is a founder of the city-state of Assur and a semi-nomadic King known as King who lived in the tents. It’s two major cities are Assur and Nineveh. During its time, the Assyrian excel in technological, scientific, and cultural achievement.


2. The Haumakas

Everything begins with a great country in Pacific Island named Hiva or ” the land of temples”.  It’s a fertile island and loaded with vegetation. But there’s a time where the summer is very hot and it kills all the vegetation. This condition makes them discover a new land called Rapa Nui. When they come back they moved the statue of Tauto and dropped the moai. The God of earthquake struck and sunk the land into the sea. The Haumakas then moved to Rapa Nui or what we call now Eastern Island.

Credit: Illustration by Fernando Baptista, National Geographic

3. The Mandan

The Mandan also was known as Numakiki is a North Indian who lived along the Missouri River. The Mandan lived in dome-shaped earth lodges. They earn a living by raising corn, beans, fishing, and hunting. The tribe quite modern as they hosted many European and American travelers. The smallpox epidemics and other diseases killing almost all of them only 100 to 150 Mandan had survived the plague.

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4. The Aksum Kingdom

The Aksum Kingdom located in Northern Ethiopia or Eritrea as we know now. The Aksum was a strong kingdom and become a trading power until in the 7th century. The falling of Aksum Kingdom was affected by the climate change and trade isolation.

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5. The Etruscans

The Etruscans was a wealthy Civilization in ancient Italy. The Etruscans gained their wealthiness through trading with the Celtic to the North and Greeks to the South. The decline of this empire is affected by politics at that time. The politics in Italy belongs to the Rome and the last of Etruscan city absorbed by the Rome around 100 BC.

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