5 History of Cat's Mythology Around the World

1. Bastet in Egypt

In ancient Egyptian religion, they worship Bastet as a goddess of protection. Ancient Egyptian believe that Bastet can protect them especially their woman and children from diseases.

2. Mishipesu in America

Mishipesu or translated as a great lynx have a resemblance to a cat with a horn and a dragon altogether. This creature is believed to live in a deep lake and she can create whirlpool and waves.

3. Shasti in India

Shasti is well known in a Hindu Folk Goddess as a Goddess of vegetation and fertility. She is believed to give her followers a baby boy and will help the mother during labor. Since many believe when babies are born, the evil spirit will harm them. To protect the babies, Shasti will ride her cat and fight the evil.

4. Panther in Greek

In Greek mythology and paintings, Panther usually related to the God Dionysus. Dyonisus is a God of Grape harvest and fertility. In Ancient Greek paintings, it shows Dionysus riding a Panther which makes this creature as his favorite mounts. This creature is believed to live in a cave. It spreads an odor which draws in any creatures and lures them into his cave then eats them alive.

5. Bakeneko in Japan

Bakeneko is believed as a yokai or a supernatural creature in Japan. This cat could form itself into a human, manipulating human, speaking with human language, and wearing towel or napkin on their head and dancing. It said that aged cat with more than 13 years lifespan will become bakeneko.

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