5 Inspiring Books to Read this Summer with Your Teens !!

Buzzers, in this world where technology grows rapidly and everything gets too practical, we sometimes forget to hang out with our kids and teach them on how to be kind and how to love. Most of us lose the time of our life doing something not worth that much, kids need their parents figure. Play an active part of your Kids’ life and educate them about love, life, and kindness…As a start here is 5 books that can inspire you and use as your reference

1. The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle (Leslie Connor).

If your teen is a fans of mystery or detective story then this book is the right one for them. No, no…there will be no ghost in this book but only a riddle about Mason Buttle. Mason buttle is a biggest kid who barely read or write. His best friend, Benny, was founded dead in the Buttle’s family orchard fifteen years ago. Nobody believes his story about that day. Bullied by his peers along with his new friend, tiny Calvin Chumsky, he created underground space just for them. But then Calvin goes missing…will anyone believe in him?

Inspiring book

2. A land of Permanent Goodbyes (Atia Abawi).

Just like the title, the book tells us about a tragedy that becomes a daily basis in our everyday life. Yes, it’s refugee..more people flee from their hometown, sometimes separated from their families, and get through a lot of discrimination. This book wrapped up the tragedy in the eye of a character named Tareq, a boy who flees from a war in Syria. The book can be a mirror for us and our teens that we should be more grateful with a roof to stay, clothes to wear…a simple things which sometimes forgotten including the ability to gather with our family. While out there, lots of people just like Tareq.

Inspiring book

3. Love   (Matt de la Pena).

A book that can awake thousands of feelings in your heart and give thousands of ways to describe what is Love. Sometimes a Love so tender until we rarely appreciate it and sometimes we think love is hidden from us. This book reveals that you can find love anywhere, a lot more tender love even though sometimes the love you feel is bittersweet..but that’s all about in being human.

Inspiring book

4. Where the Watermelon Grows (Cindy Baldwin).

This book tells a story about the effort of twelve years old girl, Della Kenney in healing her mother from mental illness. She doesn’t want her mom to be hospitalized again while her dad struggling with saving the farm. Will she able to heal her mom? You will surprise that there is an unconditional love in this world if you are willing to put with the efforts.

Inspiring book

5. You Go First  (Erin Entrada Kelly).

This book tells us a story about two different human beings, a girl named Charlotte Lockard and a boy named Ben Boxer. They separated for thousands of miles. Charlotte is in Philadelphia and Ben is in Louisiana. Charlotte wants to be a Geologist while Ben is fascinated by Harry Potter. Life surprised them when these two only connected as online friends in a scrabble game, now will meet and grow together to find their place in the world. A genuine friendship truly can make a difference in a person’s life.

Inspiring book

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