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5 Luckiest People who Found a Diamond

1. Erasmus Stephanus Jacob.

He found the diamond in Northern Cape in March 1867. He was 15 years old and was playing skipplies (throwing stones). The shiny thing which he thought to be a stone is actually a diamond. It then named Eureka diamond which also believed the first diamond discovery in South Africa. The diamond was bought by the governor of the Cape, Sir Philip Wode House, for £ 500..


2. Pastor Emanuel Momoh.

The diamond found by Pastor Emanuel Momoh and it has 706 carats. Quite big enough since the finding of the diamond called The Star of Sierra Leone which has 969 carats in 1972. His diamond could be the 13th largest diamond and valued for £ 4 million.

Diamond, South Africa

3. W.O Bassum

W.O Bassum discovered Uncle Sam Diamond in Arkansas in 1924. The diamond has 40 carats and now the place where he found it has a sign. So, probably next time you go to Arkansas, Buzzers should dig near that area too..who knows you’ll get lucky.

Uncle Sam Diamond

4. Bobbie Oskarson.

Diamond is really a girl’s best friend!Bobbie Oskaron found herself a diamond in Arkansas’s Crater of Diamond States Park, the world’s only diamond-bearing site that is open to the public. She found an 8,5 carats diamond which she called “Esperanza” meaning “Hope”.

Diamond, Arkansas

5. Donald Roden.

Donald Roden also found a diamond in Arkansas. He found the 6.35 carats of the diamond after his third trek. It didn’t mean that he just stumbled upon it…no, Buzzers !!! He should dig and scratch the soil for hours and hours before he found it.  No Pain No diamond..

Brown Diamond

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