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5 Magical Underwater Ruins You Should Not Miss Out !!

Hello Buzzers, have you ever wondered why there is a city underwater? The ancient civilization drowned because of many factors such as natural disaster and man-made. Even though emerged in the water, the ruins still has its own magic and stand firm in the water. As if they want to be found after a long pause in time,  just to tell their beautiful story to us. Here are the 5 underwater ruins you can visit for real !!

1. Lion City, China

The Lion city of China is drowned in Qiandao lake between the five lion mountains. You could see a lion gate, white temples, arches, houses and paved road under 130 feet depth. The city was drowned purposely because of the government want to build a new hydroelectric power station in 1959.

Lion City underwater, China
Lion City underwater , China

2. Port Royal, Jamaica

This is the type of city that Capt. Jack Sparrow will visit. Well, apparently this city also famous for its pirates, rum, and prostitutes. The city had gone through several natural disasters such as earthquake and hurricane Charlie. The disaster destroyed the city and now most of its ruin from the 17th century is under water.

Port Royal Underwater, Jamaica
Port Royal underwater, Jamaica

3. Baia, Italy

Baia is a city for the Romans elites and one of the best resort at its time. Caesar, Nero, and Cicero would love to spend their time in the city. The city was destroyed by the Saracens in the 8th century and abandoned by its citizen. The water rose up since then and drowned the city.

Baia Underwater, Italy
Baia Underwater city, Italy

4. Lygnstøylsvatnet, Norway

This was a sinking village in Nordangsdalen Valley in West Norway. The huge landslide blocked the river and made the village flooded with water. You could see that previously the villagers lived near the forest and now only become branches. Stone fences are similar to what you could see in a civilization around a 100 years ago.

Underwater city, Norway
Underwater City, Norway

5. Yonaguni Jima, Japan

This ruin is located in Ryukyu island, Japan. The ruins were founded in 1986 and believed to be the ancient ruins from over 5,000 years ago. There are two theories that about this ruin. The first one said that this is the ancient civilization and the second one said that it was formed naturally. Future studies still continue.

Yonaguni japan underwater
Yonaguni Japan Underwater

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