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5 Most Awesome Footpaths that Connect Countries

1. Sultans Trail

Sultan Trail was named after Suleyman Kanuni of the Ottoman Empire. He used the trail on his way to conquer Belgrade and most of Hungary and capture the city of Vienna, Austria in 1529. Because of that, the trails connect many countries from Turkey, Greece, East Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. The Sultan took about 141 days to arrive at his destination (10 May 1529 – 23 September 1529). The trail is still existed until now if you able to walk from Turkey to Vienna that takes about 2,200 kilometers.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @sultanstrail

2. GR Footpaths

GR footpaths called by different name in each country; Grande Radonne (French), Grote Rautopaden (Dutch), Grande Rota (Portuguese), or Grand Recorrido (Spanish). This footpath connects Belgium, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. The trail in France is 60,000 kilometers so if you plan to visit every country listed on this trail, be prepared it will be quite a lot walk !! If you want to try this adventure, you won’t be lost since this trail has special markings of white stripes above the red stripes (even though I don’t guarantee it lol).

Credit: Photo by Instagram @paulotwest & @michellebens

3. Arctic Trail

This Arctic Trail also called by Nordkalottruta. This Arctic trail is a hiking trail in the Arctic region and connects border of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The distance is 800 kilometers. It starts at Kautokeino in Finland and ends in the south of Sulitjelma in Norway. It passes a greeny and beautiful National Parks such as Ovre Dividal, Reisa, Abisko, and Padjelanta National Park.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @kimmernaq3911 & @abyss70

4. Tour de Mont Blanc

This footpath is very popular in Europe. It connects Switzerland, Italy, and France. The length of this trail is 170 kilometers. This route also uses for annual mountain marathon and passes seven valleys around Mont Blanc massif.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @walk_into_thin_air & @_alppimentorit

5. Via Francigena

There are many ways to Rome…Yes !! and one of it is Via Francigena !! This footpath is part of a pilgrimage route that started at the Canterbury, an English Cathedral city, to Rome. In medieval times, people use this road to visit the Holy See and Tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @sacradisanmichele & @womantosantiago

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