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5 Most Modern Library in East Asia

1. Starfield library, South Korea

Starfield COEX’s Mall is located at a mall in  Seoul, South Korea. Well, that’s kinda unusual since we usually have a library that calm, quiet and have that “old” atmosphere. But, here with an open space and access, this library is far away from “old” trademark yet it shows modernity and suits the millennials generation. It was built on 2,800 ㎡ and has 50,000 collections of books and magazines including international ones. The design itself is very modern and comfortable. The library is not only offering books but also cultural events on a daily basis. Their schedule is poetry (Monday), Traveling (Tuesdays), books (Wednesday), Art & Books (Thursday), guest lecture (Friday), children entertainment (Saturday), and special guest such as pianist, poets etc (Sunday).

Coex library, South Korea
Coex Library, South Korea

2. Tianjin Binhai Library, China

Tianjin Binhai library in China has a futuristic and sleek design. The majority of white colors and terraced bookshelves lining the walls bring us to the unlimited fantasy of a bookworm. Well, even though it has created a controversy since the display hasn’t full yet still we can hope in the future it can complete it’s 1,2 million of books in its bookshelves. The library itself laid on a 33,700 ㎡  and has five levels.

Tianjin Binhai Library, China
Tianjin Binhai Library, China

3. Seikei University Library, Japan

In this library, you can just enter a “planet” to read and detach yourself from the real world lol. Of course, it’s not a real planet Buzzer !! But, a floating crystal pod which is quite cool, modern and futuristic. The library gives a refreshment for the traditional boring library and tickles our minds to be more creative plus it makes us comfortable to be in a library and just read for long hours. It has 5 floor, 266 crystal pods, open shelves and 550,000 collections of books !! Too bad it’s not open for public but you can take the English language tour of the actual building in their website.

Futuristic Library, Japan
Futuristic architecture Library Japan

4. Sendai Mediatheque library, Japan

The design of this library is reflecting a large tree in a forest which shown in the using large steel from the ground to the roof. The using of the steel-tree and clear window all over the buildings give an open space and natural connection to the surroundings. This building also a revolution in architecture whilst strong enough from the earthquake that happens quite often in Japan. Even though the interior damaged but the structure can hold up quite well.

Modern Library Japan
Modern Sendai Library Japan

5. Nam June Paik Library, South Korea

Nam June Paik Library is located on the first floor of Nam June Paik Art Center. This library has a purpose as a place for external research as well as facilitating peoples’ interest in culture and arts. The design is different and kind of “out of the box”. Instead of arranging the books in vertical line based on its subject or alphabets, this library makes a random arrangement of its 3,000 books with a nonlinear and in a cubic form. This arrangement is to create a dynamic and spontaneous expression and ideas for the readers. I think they want us to take the book as a box of chocolate which will surprise us more if we don’t know what kind of nuts or fruits inside the chocolate.

Modern Art Library South Korea

Modern Library south Korea

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