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5 Most Outstanding Colored Water in the World

1. Grand Prismatic Spring-Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This amazing hot spring is the most beautiful and the largest in the US. The charming rainbow colors are formed because of the layers of microorganisms such as bacteria and archaea also known as microbial mats. The best time to see this natural phenomenon is in the Summer because the temperature and the amount of chlorophyll and carotenoids are increasing. In the winter, the colors usually change into dark green.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @national_park_photography

2. Rio Cano Christales-Colombia

Cano Christales is a wonderful river with the color of red, yellow, pink from the aquatic plants such as macarenia clavigera. The water also very clear because of the lack of nutrient and small particles. The best time to visit this enchanting river is in July until November. Cano Christales also was known as the river of five colors and liquid rainbow.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @janicevalleturismo

3. Blood Waterfall-Antartica

This unique and scary waterfall has a red color that flows like a bloodstream on a pale white snow. The waterfall located in Mc. Durdo Dry Valleys in Antartica. This red colored water is a result of microbes which trapped beneath the ice for 2 million years. These microbes live from sulfur and iron, scientist believed that there was a hidden lake underneath the waterfall which a home for microbial life.

Credit: Photo by Hassan Bassagic,

4.  Five Flower Lake-China

Five flower lake is a mesmerizing lake with a gradient of colors such as amber yellow, turquoise, deep blue and dark green. The water itself is very clear, you can see the scattered tree below its water. The lake considered to be a holy lake since its colorful water and the water does not freeze in winter. But apparently, the phenomenon of its colorful water is created by multicolored aquatic plants and underwater hot springs which flow into the lake. This condition keeps the water at normal temperature and prevents it from frozen.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @kengo3i7

5. Kliluk Spotted Lake – British Columbia, Canada

Kliluk Spotted Lake has rich mineral and salt concentration in its water such as calcium, sodium and magnesium sulfates. In winter the lake will have a dark green color but in the summer when the water evaporates, the mineral deposit will stay at the lake’s spot and give the color of yellow, turquoise, and blue in some other time. The first native American called Okanagan Syilx people use this lake as a traditional medicine.

Credit: Photo by Instagram

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