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5 Most Romantic Beaches Around the World!

Hi Buzzers! Ugh if you feel what I feel during this crazy heatwave! Well luckily not all things bad..what we have waited in Summer is Vacation and Beaches!! Here are the 5 most romantic beaches that should be in your bucket list!!

1. Eagle Beach in Aruba

Eagle beach or Arend beach in Aruba is famous because its soft white sand and the skyline also has colorful shades during sunset. It is believed to be the most romantic in the world.

Eagle Beach in Aruba

2. Boulders Beach in South Africa

Boulders beach in South Africa is a perfect destination for couples who loves nature and animals! This beach is a unique combination since it has penguins!! Yes penguins! who doesn’t love them! They can also become sweet fashionable guests in your wedding.

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3. Elafonissi Beach in Greece

Elafonissi beach surely will give it spell to the couples here. It is a romantic destination for its magical landscape, clear turquoise water and pink white sandy beach. If that doesn’t make you interested, check the small coves in the beach, interesting rock formation, and old chrysoskalitisa monastery. The legend said the last step of the staircase is made from gold but only people who believed in God that can see it.

Elafonissi Beach in Greece

4. Fulhadhoo Beach in Maldives

Maldives is a very popular destination to get a romantic vacation and Fulhadhoo is one of them! Fulhadhoo beach is not really well known among travelers, so you can enjoy it in serenity. The white sand beach also known as snow white sand beach because of the perfect white color it has.

Fulhadhoo Beach in Maldives

5. Fontelina Beach in Capri, Italy

The definition of Romanticism is Italy! Capri in Italy is couple and celebrities’ favorite destination! If after 6 pm you are still around then you most likely pass them probably they will photo bomb your pic too. Try a classic route piazzetta to the quisisana and along with via camerelle. Other than that, Fontelina have amazing rock formations and cliff surround the beach also their luxurious beach club surely is a Must!

Fontelina Beach in Capri, Italy

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