5 Shocking History of Famous Paintings You Might Not Know!

1. The Great Masturbator by Salvador Dali

The great masturbator is a surrealist painting by Salvador Dali in 1929. The painting is a real form of Dali’s severe contradicted attitudes towards sexual pleasure and intercourse. A young Dali was shown images and photographs of people suffering from venereal diseases or what we know now as Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD). Her father thought of it as a valuable education for the young Dali to show him the severely damaged genitalia caused by free sex. Well, I think things were not as simple as it is, it gave trauma to the young Dali. Salvador Dali then continued to associated sex with putrefaction until his adulthood.

Salvador Dali

2. The Shot Marilyns by Andy Warhol

The Shot Marilyns are made in 1964 by Andy Warhol. The title itself is actually taken because of the shocking events in his studio. After he finished his work, his two friends Dorothy Podber and Billy name which is a photographer, came to his studio. They saw the Marilyns paintings, then Dorothy asked him permission to shoot the paintings. Andy Warhol thought she wanted to take a picture so he permits her. Suddenly, Dorothy revoked a small revolver from her purse and shot Marilyns’ paintings in the head. It gives the paintings a 40 inches square in the forehead. After the incident, Dorothy Podber was banned from the studio forever.

The Shot Marilyns

3. The Broken Column by Frida Kahlo

The broken column is made by Frida Kahlo in 1944. The model itself is actually her own self. This painting was made after she had spinal surgery. In fact, this painting is a medium or we can say “diary” of her greatest pain and suffering in life. She had polio and her right leg is shorter and weaker. Because of this, Frida Kahlo got physical and social restrictions. She needs to wear a metal corset throughout her life since the corset will support her damaged body.

Frida Kahlo

4. The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh made this painting in April 1885 in Nuennen, Netherlands. He even thinks that this painting is his most successful painting. His personality that loves the simpler lifestyle and closes with the peasant, gave him an idea about a painting that would make people aware of manual labor. He wanted people to understand what this peasant do for a living and also appreciate their honesty in getting their food with their own hands. Van Gogh even went the extra mile in choosing the models for his paintings. In order to depict peasants as they really were, Van Gogh chose coarse and ugly models as they look natural for the painting.

Van Gogh

5. The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

The garden of earthly delights was made in between 1490-1510. It is kept in Museo del Prado in Madrid. This artwork trigger many questions since the number of obscene images and the viewers seems to look at the painting from a window. It gives the feeling that the viewers are voyeurs. One interpretation from this painting is as a warning against lust. This can be read from the three large paintings gathered into one big painting that depicted Adam and Eve ( La Lujuria, left), the earth that full of lust and sins (The sins of the world, middle), and the punishment in the afterlife (The wages of Sins, right).

Hieronymus Bosch

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