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5 Supervolcanoes in the World !!

The large volcano that has an eruption of magnitude 8  and volume of the deposits can reach more than 1,000 cubic kilometers, is called by Supervolcano. Our mother earth has experienced lots of massive volcanic eruptions which can affect civilizations, population, even climate change. If the wide areas covered with lava and volcanic ash, it caused a long-lasting climate change and can lead to the extinction of species..hmm it means the apocalypse can happen with just a glimpse of the eruption. Buzzer to know more about these Supervolcanoes, let’s read the list below

1. San Juan Mountains, United States

The San Juan Mountains is located in Southwestern Colorado, United States. It experienced a massive explosion called Fish Canyon eruption that reached 5,000 cubic kilometers. The eruption is centered in La Garita Caldera about 27.8 million years ago.

Colorado mountains, usa

2. Lake Toba, Indonesia

Lake Toba is located on Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Lake Toba itself is a large natural lake on the caldera of a supervolcano. The lake has 100 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide which make it as the largest lake in Indonesia and also the largest volcanic lake in the world. The massive eruption happened 74,000 years ago and reached 2,800 cubic kilometers. It resulted in climate change, kill most of the human population since it produces 44,000 million tons of sulfuric acid, and created population bottleneck where a sharp reduction in human population create smaller genetic diversity.

Lake toba, indonesia

3. Yellowstone Hotspot, United States

The Yellowstone hotspot is a place where the volcanic hotspot responsible for large-scale volcanism in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming. The Huckleberry Ridge eruption was happened in 2,1 million years ago and reached 2,500 cubic kilometers. It created Huckleberry Ridge Tuff formation and formed the Island Park Caldera.

Yellowstone, United States

4. La Pacana, Chile

La Pacana is located in northern Chile’s Antofagasta Region and part of the central volcanic zone of the Andes. La Pacana’s eruption is Agtana ignimbrite which reached a volume of 2,451 – 3,500 cubic kilometers. The eruption happened 4 million years ago.

Andes, Chile

5. Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Taupo Volcanic Zone is located in North island of New Zealand and still active until now. The Taupo Volcano has a huge caldera which partly filled by Lake Taupo, New Zealand’s greatest lake. The mountain became erupting around 300,000 years ago. The volume reached 2,000 cubic kilometers.

Taupo Mountain, New Zealand

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